Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

This long, controversial scene is difficult to watch for many people because it is filmed so realistically, with no dramatic music or anything like that. It is almost documentary style, forcing you to witness the savage assault that a nasty pimp inflicts on beautiful Monica as she pays a high price for taking a shortcut home one night.

After arguing with her boyfriend at a party and storming off alone, she tries to walk home through a rough area of Paris but bumps into the pimp. He can’t believe his luck and, producing a knife, drags her to the floor before viciously raping her.

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The Accused gang rape scene

The Accused

This is probably the most well known rape scene of modern cinema. Drunk Sarah Tobias (played superbly by Jodie Foster) flirts with some guys in a bar and ends up kissing one of them, but things get out of hand when she tries to stop it going any further.

He ignores her and lifts her onto a pinball table, raising her skirt around her waist and pulling down her panties. Then his friends grab her arms while he fucks her roughly, ripping down her top and kissing her breasts. After he’s finished some other men take his place until she finally breaks free and flees the bar, screaming and hysterical.

Forced sex scene from horror movie


Two workers in the mental institution where Michael Myers is being locked up decide to have some fun with a pretty new inmate.

So they grab her late at night and take her to Michael’s room where they take turns raping her as she screams. One of them encourages Michael to join and in and fuck her too, but the notorious killer takes exception to being disturbed and instead starts lashing out at the brutal rapists, ending their fun.

Celebrity rape scene of Jennifer Aniston


Clive Owen and sexy Jen are in a seedy hotel room about to have an affair, when nasty thug Vincent Cassel bursts in and attacks them as they are preparing to have sex.

He robs and beats up Owen, rendering him semi-conscious and helpless, before turning his lustful attentions to Aniston. He rips off her panties and rapes her on the bed as she whines and squirms in disgust.

Pretty journalist raped by savage cannibal tribe


This is one of the most controversial and shocking movies of all time, with multiple graphic scenes of rape, animal cruelty and gory violence that still shock to this day.

The premise is that a team of filmmakers head to the Amazon to make a documentary about two cannibal tribes. They never return but their footage is found and this forms the basis of the movie — their unedited, raw footage.

In this scene near the end of the movie, the filmmakers are being attacked by the cannibals in revenge for a rape on a young tribe girl committed by two of the cameramen. The unfortunate Francesca Ciardi is captured, screaming and crying, before being stripped, gang-raped and finally beheaded (not shown in the clip below) by the baying tribesmen.

Invisible rapist attacks beautiful helpless girl


Ever had that fantasy where you’re invisible and wondered what you might do? Well, in this movie Kevin Bacon gets to find out when an experiment gone wrong renders him invisible.

His first port of call is his hot neighbor, who foolishly leaves her drapes open as she undresses, unwittingly enticing him over for a closer look. He tricks his way into her apartment unnoticed and watches as she rubs lotion on herself, before abandoning all thought of stealth and bundling her onto the bed to rape the terrified girl.

Woman raped by non-human monster


This sci-fi horror movie is all about two maverick scientists (Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) trying to splice together DNA from different animals and humans.

They end up creating a human/hybrid creature, who is far more violent and less ‘humanistic’ than they would like, and in this scene he pins Polley to the ground. She asks what he wants and he menacingly replies: “Inside you” before thrusting his non-human looking penis inside her and raping her as she screams in terror and pain.

Infamous forced sex scene [Video]


Malcolm McDowell and his gang of anarchic hoodlums caused controversy in the early 70s when Stanley Kubrick brought them alive on the big screen and featured three rape scenes (which were quite shocking for their time).

This was the most infamous as housewife Adrienne Corri unwittingly opens her door to the gang, who burst in, tie up her husband and cut off her clothes. They then taunt her helpless hubby as they violate the gagged and frightened MILF.

Woman forced by her ex-boyfriend — or was she?


Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs was banned for many years because of this scene, which sees Susan George ‘lead on’ her ex while hubby Dustin Hoffman is out of the house.

It is the culmination to a few weeks of increasing sexual tension between the pair — a few days earlier Susan had purposely walked naked in front of her window knowing her ex could see her from outside, for example.

The main controversy is that Susan seems to start enjoying the rape and becomes an active participant, at one stage pulling her ex towards her and kissing him tenderly. By the end of the scene it is more like a lovemaking session between two consenting adults with genuine feelings for each other, and it is the ambiguity of whether ‘no means no’ that caused the movie to be banned.

In a shocking twist at the end, though, there is a genuine rape as the ex’s nasty mate has crept into the house and decides to brutally fuck Susan up the ass, pointing a gun at the ex to make sure he doesn’t intervene.

This time, there is no ambiguity.

Teen girl is kidnapped and raped in the woods


This rough and bloody scene is not for the faint-hearted — watch at your own discretion. It is a remake of the cult 1972 horror film of the same name.

Two young women are kidnapped by a gang of escaped convicts on the run. They are taken to some woods where one of them is stabbed and the other (Sara Paxton) is brutally raped in the ass before being left for dead. She survives, however, and makes it back to her parents house to plot her revenge.