A pretty woman is drugged and molested in her sleep

Sexy Fiona Horsey is unaware that her kinky flatmate regularly drugs her and then sexually abuses her while she’s out cold.

In this scene he waits until she’s passed out cold and then pulls off her panties, lifts her shirt and fondles her breasts. Eventually he strips her completely nude, gropes her some more and films her as she lies fully exposed with her hairy pussy on show. It’s not shown on film, but he then rapes her.

23 comments to A pretty woman is drugged and molested in her sleep

  • Daron

    Ke what’s the list of film you got so far mate

  • Touchher

    I’m a cuckold wimp who’s bully like coworker made me his cock slave and now I slip crushed pills in my wife’s drinks and when she passes out I call him and he comes over and makes me hold my wife’s legs open and watch him bareback several potent loads of cum into her!! All the while he verbally humiliates me saying he plans to breed her and bring a few pervert guys he knows over and make me help them gang rape/gang breed her, after each time he floods my wife’s pussy with his seed he makes me fuck her and tells me that I bred her not him! But he knows I’m fixed, after he makes me do that I clean up any cum that leaks out and also clean his cock too! Here’s the thing, being used like this totally turns me on, my cock gets so hard when I watch him rape her!! And I know he will breed her one night with my help and I can’t stop him, I’m powerless to his potent cock and now enjoy getting him hard and guiding his potent cock into my wife’s pussy!!
    So ya if you have the right perverts and a wimp like me gang rape or gang breeding is awesome!! I’m so glad now that he uses me and my drugged fertile wife as his sex toys!! He told me his friends will be cuming soon!!
    Btw.. He is black 6ft built and has a 9 by 3 inch cock! My wife is white 125lbs blond hair, I’m white 5ft6 158lbs 4.5inch cum pusher cock, his friend are black too, and my wife won’t know she has been black bred until the baby is born!!

  • Clinton

    Johnny Firecloud. The women being raped is Sacheen Littlefeather I think

  • rahul Sahu

    Nice side

  • Farmer Jones

    a “rape scene” with no rape? How lame. PG-13 stuff.

  • Something something

    Like doing That to Your DAUGTHER. Thatcher is simply wierd

  • Something something

    Tom…. Thatcher is King of wierd

  • Ke

    I am doing research on movies involving rape. You had a gang rape clip on Dailymotion where a school teacher was gang raped in a classroom. Its no longer on Dailymotion, it looks like a 1970’s film and please kindly advise the name of this film and its cast.


  • Brunette

    Tom u want my pussy come and suck it if u want anybody can

  • mohamad

    sex to bed

  • president

    Who got whatsapp? Who wanna talk :)

  • Ok

    I love the blatent display of dark bushy pubic fur.

  • hoty

    i want a hot girl for sex

  • hoty

    she is hot yaar

  • hz

    @Tom , may be she has figured it out.

  • dickditch1000

    Tom I have a pussy for you to drug, fuck, and spunk if you want it. Let me know how to contact you.

  • Tom you just commit INCEST!

  • TOM

    I did the EXACT same thing to my 23 yr old daughter a couple of times. She still hasn’t figured it out. lol

  • Eileen Mancuso Is a scuz

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