A slim girl is tied and raped by an old man

Noomi Rapace stars in this acclaimed drama which features a gritty rape scene.

An old guy handcuffs her to a bed face down and stuffs some socks into her mouth as she struggles to get free, thrashing about like a fish out of water but unable to break her tight bonds. He rips down her panties, exposing her ass and pussy, before mounting her and fucking her roughly as she screams.

15 comments to A slim girl is tied and raped by an old man

  • ._.

    Actually the story is that he is her “guardian” in the way that she cannot do any “adult stuff” or make choices of her own (there is a longer story behind that). He actually forces her to oral sex many times when she needs money. Well, in this scene he “asks” her to come to his house and since she knows he is a sick bastard she has a camera in her bag that films him anal raping her. Don’t worry tho she later gets back at him when she tattoos on his stomach that he is a rapist and finally he is punished in court. You should really see the original version of the girl with the dragon tattoo and not the shitty American version

  • Pinga

    He is a sick fat bastard. A lucky sick fat bastard je je je.

  • Raper man

    i like to rape like this old dad who forced to fuck his daughter. what an idiot dude. Go Hell!!! Go Hell!!! Go Hell!!!


    This is a stupid video, He tied the girl and after a while she got buttass naked. Where the fuck did he took of the pants and underwear? She’s already tied up. STUPID DIRECTOR! ./.

  • misrapefantasy

    I thought that scene was hot they can’t use better looking guys though

  • I would mess her pussy up and make her moan for more of my dick and stuff it I her pussy

  • noname

    Hard to believe people pay to watch this garbage movies.

  • president

    This movie is really good other from the sex scenes.18762935867

  • yeaaaa fuck that fat ass thick whore i would cum in her pussy then her asshole n still fuck her hard every time i get hard

  • Merlark

    Really wish I could get someone to rape me like this!!! GAWD!!!

  • -Slipknot maggot

    That got me horny. ARG! She gives a gothic vibe off herself. turn on.

  • WebMaster

    @dude You are right, I’ve amended the post.

  • dude

    This is de Naomi Rapace version not with Rooney Mara

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