Beautiful black girl gang raped in hotel room

Hot costume designer Molly (played by Gina Ravera) is being wined and dined in a hotshot guy’s hotel room in this scene from Paul Verhoeven’s notorious Hollywood flop Showgirls.

She’s open to some romance, when all of a sudden two other guys let themselves in to the room and Gina realises she’s in trouble. The three men easily overpower her and throw her onto the bed as she wails in fear. Her underwear is ripped off before she is brutally raped by the horny, merciless men.

6 comments to Beautiful black girl gang raped in hotel room

  • officer bob

    just imagine you sorry sons of bitches wind up in jail for some (unknown) reason. On the second day there three guys jump you drag you down some closet somewhere and rape you! Anally and orally! That is the EXACT same thing there is no difference between m/f rape and m/m rape! In fact when adjusted for the amount of prison rapes men are more likely to be raped than women! And if anyone deserves to be raped more than any man it is you assholes!

  • Anonymous

    Wow den she was black

  • Bad boy

    They put the cream in that coffee.

  • Fuck me

    Wanna rap e her again next ahhhhhhahahha come pls give me that chan ve ahhhhhhhhha iam cummming

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