Hot girl force fucked by her boss

Pretty redhead Lauren Lee Smith is about to leave the office after working late when she’s confronted by her boss, who is upset that she’s been having an affair with a work colleague who happens to be his brother in law. So he decides to teach her a lesson by raping her right there on the floor.

She initially puts up a fight but soon accepts her fate and lies motionless. He comes and she tries to get up, thinking her ordeal is over, but he grabs her from behind and rapes her again, this time painfully in her ass.

38 comments to Hot girl force fucked by her boss

  • Seth

    Raping co-workers makes me cum harder than raping random women. I also like rubbing against them in crowded public places because I know they are dying inside with panic and are lying to everyone else with their calm faces. Just like after a rape, they can’t admit to anything because they know deep inside it is the job they were given to do and they want to perform satisfactorily as long as nobody finds out.

  • -Slipknot maggot

    i loved it when he raped her ass, bet it is so tight

  • HomicidalVulutre

    Fuck you, Seth. Go kill yourself

  • BabyGirl

    Actually i think what seth says is hot…i would love it if that were done to me..but ive always found rape to be hot…since i was quite young

  • Anonymous

    Yo know A used to think me wa de only one wid these sick thoughts in ma head… It feels good to know I’m not alone.(why does it excite us soo much?) Do I really love women? Or is it some kind of gay hatred towards them? One wouldn’t do something as horrible or as pathetic as rape to your better half, especially if you claim that you love them? (But god it feels so good)

  • WebMaster

    Yo know A used to think me wa de only one wid these sick thoughts in ma head… It feels good to know I’m not alone…

    There’s nothing wrong with rape fantasy, plenty of men and women get turned on by videos such as these. As long as everyone understands it’s just fantasy and this stuff in real life is not acceptable, then no harm done.

  • ruri

    You are a bunch of sick people . You should be reported to the police!!! Shame on you , sex is all about love not violence , you Bunch of preks

  • Anonymous

    I give props 2 u ruri they r notin but pervs ruri u should get a award ur rite sex is bout love

  • Mikee

    Ruri and Anomymous, What search string did you do to land on this page?
    Next time start you sentences by “As a hypocrite”…

  • Merlark

    OMG I am so hot and wet right now… I would LOVE to be Raped like that… FUCK! Wish I could find someone who would just take me while I’m walking to get a pop one night….

  • you know it

    Merlark i would love to find you and help your situation

  • Merlark

    That would be awesome “You know it”!!! Wish it could be arranged without I don’t want having it my Email… lol

  • ThreeCatMoon

    Having sex or fucking is not the same as making love. Making love is what you want to have an intimate physical interaction, where having sex is like a one stand, where it might physical, raw, rough sex. They can also be interchangeable in any relationship just to keep the excitement going in a relationship.

  • FlyOrDieAssholeYourChoice


  • Mr Luba Luba

    U sick pups

  • Anonymous

    Omfg I am sick

  • sick bitch

    i find these scenes extremely erotic. i am a woman, and even though i know they are based on violence, i would love to be taken and fucked really hard like that. OMG. In a dark alley, on a bus, an elevator, in a taxi. OMG, fuck me really hard baby. Fuck me really hard.

  • Headbanger

    That awkward moment when people call you sick but they watched it too.

  • Hotmama

    I want fucked up the ass or raped

  • bob

    I loved it can i rape her

  • Tall Guy

    I cannot access this video. Frustrating!!

  • Hot beef injection giver

    I have a boner that is so hard the veins are bulging. I want tear up some pussy so bad right now after seeing this

  • SecretIdentity

    I think rape is more about masculinity more than it is desperation for sex. Think of it. Would you rape anyone off the street? Scratch that. I mean like a chick who has a unibrow and BO? Hopefully not. That just as tasteless as rape. Get a 7 or a 9. 10s are not worth your time. I know. 7 or 9s are perfect. When you rape em, they wouldn’t expect it.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone on this site that complains about watching this video is most definitely a hypocrite.
    This video is so fucking hot, I just came 3 times ;)
    My boyfriend and I role play all the time, he is such a great master, bet you would love to watch him beat and rape me every night…

  • president


  • president

    Lol I like my avatar. I’m a male BTW a black male.6″2 in height

  • TruthGuy

    Self righteous fuckheads on this site screaming out “you people are sick!” Fuck off!! Why are you here looking at the videos? Exactly.

  • bangbros

    Merlark were u live

  • Anonymous

    sick bitch, have a sex

  • Soupcoolers

    Mmmmmmm, that was sexy!!!!!! I like that scream as the dick enters her ass!!!!!!

  • bluntsmoker

    Love this vid its fucking hot

  • rape me

    Omfg this video got me so horny im a girl and would love to get rape like this

  • Abuse

    that must be mutual consent of those sexuality between male & female

  • It is very bat in our life that,s why this is not good for our respect it is only for marriage people not for those who was unmarriage so please don,t like it is very bat okkkk!and I am a girl and my country is Pakistan,see you all of you

  • Nic

    I wanna be the guy fucking her ass so hard!

  • redhead

    I would love to rape a girl is there any girl on this site who would like to give me there number and we do so.e phone sex cause I am horny the video was good I wish I was the boss which one of you girls would like to give me there number to do some nice phone sex

  • Brunette

    Who wants to fuck me like that

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