Latina maid gang-raped in controversial 80s video

Michael Winner’s Death Wish films were often accused of being sensationalist and exploitative as they featured many graphic scenes of rape and violence against women.

In the second film of the series, Charles Bronson’s maid (Silvana Gallardo) is at home when a gang of thugs burst in. They chase her about the house before stripping her and taking it in turns to rape her, laughing and hollering as they ignore her cries, in this long and rough rape clip.

Later in the film, Bronson’s daughter (played by Robin Sherwood) is also raped, causing the vigilante to go into overdrive and gain his revenge.

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    This disturbing film further ignited controversy over screen violence and misogynistic sexual abuse of women in the early , especially due to its graphic double rape scene, which led to a cathartic eruption and escalation of violence.

  • Anonymous

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  • Gardes

    Thats what Latinas maid are for. Raping her hairy brown pussies.

  • gredral

    When the main woke up that morning she had no idea her day would be interrupted by getting her clothes ripped off and gang banged by horny criminals. She’s got great tits and booty…loved seeing those horny dudes gang bang her fine ass. From 2:34 to 3:02 and 3:32 to 3:38 her booty and that bed bouncing up and down when they were doing her…hot as hell.

  • gredral

    My favorite, a hot primal scene. The maid going about her business all civilized, then five horny guys bust in and gang bang her hard and fast. Five horny young dudes and one sexy latina…Damn! She got a lot of dick. Love that bed bouncing like hell when they were gang banging her. She has great tits and a sexy ass.

  • Anonymous

    love the way he licks her sexy golden latin ass!!!

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