Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

This long, controversial scene is difficult to watch for many people because it is filmed so realistically, with no dramatic music or anything like that. It is almost documentary style, forcing you to witness the savage assault that a nasty pimp inflicts on beautiful Monica as she pays a high price for taking a shortcut home one night.

After arguing with her boyfriend at a party and storming off alone, she tries to walk home through a rough area of Paris but bumps into the pimp. He can’t believe his luck and, producing a knife, drags her to the floor before viciously raping her.

106 comments to Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

  • disgusted

    This is sick, But whats more sick is the comments that sick fucks leave on this thread. Perverts!

  • onemadman

    Cum inside her
    Get her pregnante
    She deserves it

  • MArcelo

    es una escena muy caliente, fuerte, pero ver como se lo hace por el culo a monica bellucci, y le dice que tiene el ano muy cerrado, es muy muy exitante

  • TronBunnie

    This is with out a doubt the sexiest rape scene ever ! it is the little attentions to detail. Spitting on his hand to lube his dick grabbing her pony-tail like a handle and violently pounding her ass… even the kicks to the face after he ravaged her. So HOT

  • A.

    The tragedy – many people are raped! This is nauseating… Humans are monsters. To the actors: They really are talented, very credible.

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