Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

This long, controversial scene is difficult to watch for many people because it is filmed so realistically, with no dramatic music or anything like that. It is almost documentary style, forcing you to witness the savage assault that a nasty pimp inflicts on beautiful Monica as she pays a high price for taking a shortcut home one night.

After arguing with her boyfriend at a party and storming off alone, she tries to walk home through a rough area of Paris but bumps into the pimp. He can’t believe his luck and, producing a knife, drags her to the floor before viciously raping her.

96 comments to Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting. I cannot imagine this being a turn on. Wondering if you would feel turned on if it was your mother or daughter. I hope you people see how violent this is.

  • Diane Ridgeway

    I saw this film “Irreversible” here in Connecticut with my husband, and we both found the 10-minute anal-rape scene with actress Monica Bellucci so compelling. Yes, it was violent and sadistic, but it also was so realistic, like a documentary, and it was so intense because the scene is shot in one continuous take, the rapist initially threatens her with a knife, and then you see him methodically exert power over this beautiful but helpless young woman, forcing her to lie down on her stomach in a pedestrian tunnel, and then pinning her down with one hand while the other rips off her panties. At first, he rapes her vaginally, but then he pulls out and proceeds to rape her anally. Her reaction to the anal penetration was so believable, and the anal rape itself escalates to such a brutal level, culminating in his successfully cumming inside of her ass. Then, for good measure, he gets up and kicks her in the face as if her head were a soccer ball. And, finally, he grabs her head and repeatedly pounds it onto the tunnel floor with such force that her face bleeds to a point beyond recognition. I don’t advocate rape, of course, but when my husband and I went home after the movie, I begged him to fuck me anally, which he had never done before. It was so intense and so intimate, and I was surprised that it was both so painful and yet also so pleasurable for me. Plus, my husband was able to ejaculate five times during that anal-sex session. We have been having anal sex every week since then, sometimes twice or three times a week, and loving it more than vaginal sex.

  • Kokos

    Vickers… Wtf..? Are U serious..?

  • A

    I love your site. I wish I could send you an email thanking you properly. Feel free to use my e-mail if you get bored

  • Anonymous

    What The Fuck

  • Anon

    This is extremely wrong. First of all to all of you who claim to fantasize about being raped – it’s not rape if you consent to it so maybe what you really are fantasizing is rough sex. For all of you who are saying you want to do this to a girl? You are whats wrong with the world. When people are raped they are mentally destroyed for years or sometimes life times. It’s a traumatizing thing to go through and it’s disgusting for any of you to wish this upon another person.

  • kazior(L)

    I am man. I like be fucked by players from Legia Warszawa.

  • elaine

    When I was 22, my boyfriend and I went on a vacation together and stayed in a ski chalet near a remote skiing resort. The chalet was a quarter-mile away from any other house, and so we had total privacy. We played a game where I was the innocent victim and he was the anal rapist. He stripped me of my clothing, tied my wrists tightly to the railing of the rear balcony, and then he literally raped my asshole for two hours without stopping, cumming inside my ass a total of five times. It was the most amazing sexual experience for me. I felt so liberated of all inhibitions. The anal penetration and thrusting were painful, and at times extremely so, but I could sense that my boyfriend was so turned on by my vulnerability, my trust, my submission, and my willingness to endure two hours of rough anal thrusting. I focused as much as possible on listening to his moans of pleasure with each thrust, and I imagined the pleasure that he felt with each deep thrust. Thinking of his pleasure turned me on. As I moaned with each anal thrust for 120 minutes, I soon could no longer distinguish between whether I was moaning from my pain or moaning from my thoughts of his pleasure. His erect cock was pretty big–10.5 inches in length–and feeling it pumping back and forth deep inside of my rectum felt at times as if I had a beast inside of my belly. It was a burning sensation that was so intense, and yet so intimate, and it was exhilarating to hear him moan as his balls slapped against my anus with each thrust.

  • Yu

    Je ne sais pas ce qui est le pire: regarder une scène pareille ou lire les commentaires des malades qui ont suivis.

    Je me ravise… la scène ce n’est QUE du cinéma les commentaires par contre sont au mieux affligeants au pire répugnants.

    Appeler une femme une chienne c’est appeler sa mère, celle qui vous a donné la vie, de la même façon… ça revient à dire que les hommes sont des chiens non?

    La rugosité, le bondage, le BDSM, le fantasmes, les jeux de rôles érotiques quand c’est consensuel ça me va, chacun ses goûts après tout… mais le viol? C’est… immonde! Voilà l’une des rares choses qui me fait regretter la peine de mort en France.

  • pragnesh purohit

    One of the hottest scenes ever. Too bad the clip cut out a little early before he caved her face in with his fist. I have always loved scenes where the man takes what he wants and gets rid of the bitch afterward. No reason to keep her around after she has been properly used.

  • Wicked

    A real man does this to his woman… this is the real stuff man…..Women are meant for this…..This is what women are for…..

  • Kaizer

    This scene changed my life. At first i was really aroused by it, but then i understood that it’s implications were much deeper… So let me explain. We live in an era where men are castrated little wimps snivelling for a little piece of pussy. You have to be a good little hubby and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll “get lucky”. What the fuck is all that about ?.. And so we live in a world where everybody ended up being frustrated. Women castrated men, and men let themselves be castrated : resulting in bitches wildly running around in need of a good fuck and men complaining and even turning gay.
    After viewing this scene a million times, it came to me : fuck all this !!! A man is supposed to take what he wants, when he wants it and as much as he wants it. The woman is supposed to shut up and take it. And REAL women will feel within them that that’s the way things are naturally supposed to be. A real woman will derive her pleasure from the animal passion of the man. She will be flattered by the desire and lust her man is giving her. So see, i’m not talking about rape here. I’m not interested in that at all. But just true passionate sex. Forget about all those frigid bitches that are used to manipulate men with their pussies. Just be a real man and find yourself a real woman who understands that if she wants to be next to you, if she wants to be protected, she has (among other things) to be ready to take it when you need it.
    My life litterally turned around. I’m not having all the excuses any more : oh i don’t feel like it tonight, i’m not in the mood, i have a headache… Oh do you ? OK then i won’t feel in the mood when you need something or when a jerk needs to be straightened out or whatever. Fuck you. When you need a man, you look at me, but when i need a woman, i’m only allowed to go jerk it off ?
    Nonono… my woman knows now : when i have a hard on, drop your panties, you’re going to get it.

  • random

    How FUCKING dare you all you sick fucks in the comments. I wish you were all tied up in one room so I can choke you all one by one each time and be able to break chairs off of your faces you scum

  • No Name

    I’ve heard about this scene, but this is my first time seeing it. The fucking is fantastic. I’ve fantasized about being ass raped since my teens. Had anal, but, it’s been boring because the cocks are small the guys have been lazy. Would love to get power fucked up the ass in the same position. This scene is great until the stupid violence at the end. That was a turn off.

  • Anonymous

    i dont hit women and i wont do nor shit he did at the end which was fucked up but if i had a chick that is as hot is this chick is, and she let me fuck her in the ass in that position which is my favorite one, ill cum like 7 times in her ass :P

  • Anonymous

    where can i find a chick i can do that to in the ass besides the beating

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous hey girl I’ll fuck you in the ass teach you a lesson baby

  • Better than you


  • nope

    Not the rape but the roughness. Wish it was easy to find a girl capable of that. Damn yo lol

  • none

    My husband does this to me on the regular except for the beat down but sometime I have him beat me….

  • Anonymous

    Wish I will do this for u .it is very hot.
    but why he killed her

  • Anonymous

    That bitch should’ve just taken that dick like a good little slut and said thank you XP

  • Anonymous

    I just chummed 4 times in a row to this and I’m a girl
    I wish someone would fuck me in the ass like that
    Even though I don’t really like anal I need to get shown a lesson

  • Joe

    I’ve been looking for a movie for a long time. Can anyone tell me what movie this scene is from? Here is the link:

  • Anonymous

    fuckin’ hot as hell

  • wish

    i wish sonething like thi would happen to me. i go to places where girls have been raped b4, but not to me. i want to get gang raped. i get so wet hnking of it. i just want to be used like the cum dumpster whore i am.

  • Hippiedip

    One of the hottest scenes ever. Too bad the clip cut out a little early before he caved her face in with his fist. I have always loved scenes where the man takes what he wants and gets rid of the bitch afterward. No reason to keep her around after she has been properly used.

  • ig:@atown0705

    I beat off to this evey night

  • no chance

    this slut would need a doctor after i would join that good guy and help him ruining her life… its too hot, giving that high heeled bitch some extra inches, sandwich-party !

  • oooootruth

    If she really didn’t want to get molested she would have fought him off the reason I say this is bc if she was that scared she would have done anything to get away that’s human instincts

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this shit rly turned me on… and i’m a woman wtf!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • ghost

    Fucken stupid hates these type of scenes

  • stroke

    i hope he fucked her face at the end. i would have

  • ripper

    Ukno most will hate this remark but women at least most in my experience r manipulating lying bitches n no nobody deserves this but sum fkn do

  • Hollie18

    So hot volume all the way up

  • Anonymous

    I’m a 18 year old girl and I find this kinda thing hot, apart from the violence at the end Ofcourse that’s just too much.

  • evolution

    Wtf was up with the beat down after ?? Good christ 2 kicks to the face after the assult?? I mean shit she didn’t even run after he got off her don’t get that either .. what a bastard fuck tard

  • swordking

    anonymous .. seen u here shooting ur mouth off y don’t u stfu!! Ppl can watch n view their opinion who fk r u to say they can’t ? .. that said my view of this is the most realistic rape i ever seen .. n this from a movie ?? What fkn movie ? I mean shit looked real to me very real jus to say if id seen that id gotten in their n took him out knock em out get her to safety no fkn way i could jus walk by

  • Alex

    actually, the fellow in the background who appears to walk in on them and then leave again was supposedly an accident. That was an assistant on the film who accidentally walked in on the scene, and tried to leave without disturbing anything. The director liked the look of that particular take, and that’s ultimately what ended up in the film. It adds to the depravity, and the sense that even if someone were to walk up and see something, they would walk away and do nothing.

  • @keith

    This could because the guy thought it was consented sex, and he did not want to disturb the two.

  • Anonymous

    Is this real?

  • keith

    Anyone else notice how someone walked in behind, saw what was going on, did nothing and walked away?

  • anonymous

    U know all Hess Ppl commenting about how his is horrible or sickening but did u ever think u looked his up as well to watch so u nothing but a hipocrit u u don’t like shit like his then don’t look it up then cry about it. Dumbasses.

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