Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

This long, controversial scene is difficult to watch for many people because it is filmed so realistically, with no dramatic music or anything like that. It is almost documentary style, forcing you to witness the savage assault that a nasty pimp inflicts on beautiful Monica as she pays a high price for taking a shortcut home one night.

After arguing with her boyfriend at a party and storming off alone, she tries to walk home through a rough area of Paris but bumps into the pimp. He can’t believe his luck and, producing a knife, drags her to the floor before viciously raping her.

69 comments to Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

  • ig:@atown0705

    I beat off to this evey night

  • no chance

    this slut would need a doctor after i would join that good guy and help him ruining her life… its too hot, giving that high heeled bitch some extra inches, sandwich-party !

  • oooootruth

    If she really didn’t want to get molested she would have fought him off the reason I say this is bc if she was that scared she would have done anything to get away that’s human instincts

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this shit rly turned me on… and i’m a woman wtf!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • ghost

    Fucken stupid hates these type of scenes

  • stroke

    i hope he fucked her face at the end. i would have

  • ripper

    Ukno most will hate this remark but women at least most in my experience r manipulating lying bitches n no nobody deserves this but sum fkn do

  • Hollie18

    So hot volume all the way up

  • Anonymous

    I’m a 18 year old girl and I find this kinda thing hot, apart from the violence at the end Ofcourse that’s just too much.

  • evolution

    Wtf was up with the beat down after ?? Good christ 2 kicks to the face after the assult?? I mean shit she didn’t even run after he got off her don’t get that either .. what a bastard fuck tard

  • swordking

    anonymous .. seen u here shooting ur mouth off y don’t u stfu!! Ppl can watch n view their opinion who fk r u to say they can’t ? .. that said my view of this is the most realistic rape i ever seen .. n this from a movie ?? What fkn movie ? I mean shit looked real to me very real jus to say if id seen that id gotten in their n took him out knock em out get her to safety no fkn way i could jus walk by

  • Alex

    actually, the fellow in the background who appears to walk in on them and then leave again was supposedly an accident. That was an assistant on the film who accidentally walked in on the scene, and tried to leave without disturbing anything. The director liked the look of that particular take, and that’s ultimately what ended up in the film. It adds to the depravity, and the sense that even if someone were to walk up and see something, they would walk away and do nothing.

  • @keith

    This could because the guy thought it was consented sex, and he did not want to disturb the two.

  • Anonymous

    Is this real?

  • keith

    Anyone else notice how someone walked in behind, saw what was going on, did nothing and walked away?

  • anonymous

    U know all Hess Ppl commenting about how his is horrible or sickening but did u ever think u looked his up as well to watch so u nothing but a hipocrit u u don’t like shit like his then don’t look it up then cry about it. Dumbasses.

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