Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

This long, controversial scene is difficult to watch for many people because it is filmed so realistically, with no dramatic music or anything like that. It is almost documentary style, forcing you to witness the savage assault that a nasty pimp inflicts on beautiful Monica as she pays a high price for taking a shortcut home one night.

After arguing with her boyfriend at a party and storming off alone, she tries to walk home through a rough area of Paris but bumps into the pimp. He can’t believe his luck and, producing a knife, drags her to the floor before viciously raping her.

139 comments to Monica Bellucci’s anal rape scene

  • Ron

    This film is not realistic though. the boyfriend is in such an angry rage to find the rapist… but when he does the rapist still beats the crap out of him. In real life the boyfriend’s anger would make him invincible!!

  • Anon

    Women were shocked that men got weird erections during “the scene.”

  • fuckobama

    would have been more real if man was a nigga

  • IgnacioWhime

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  • Lee

    To the IDIOT person on DEC 1st that said “present yourself as a whore, get treated as such”
    She is only wearing a party dress high heels and thing and my girlfriend Dawn dresses like that to go out. She walks home like that, so she deserves WHAT exactly!!????

  • Anon

    Back in 2003 this movie was in theaters. Women were giving handjobs to men in every seat during Monica’s sex scene in tunnel. Good times.

  • chi

    the part that makes me sick is the man who see it happen and walks away.

  • XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.

  • MafiaMike

    Ya know it’s so weird why the majority of women don’t like to be forced to have sex?

  • Unknown

    Her rape is movie Viagra. If you are a man, you will get an erection and hate yourself for it. Women do that to us.

  • Anon

    First of all, all the fools on here commenting like this is real and how the guy should go to Hell and all that. It’s FICTIONAL, people. ACTING. Holy FUCK come on.

    The interesting thing is… In this clip, the most brutal and controversial part at the end is cut off. This clip doesn’t even show the part where you actually wince and think “Jesus Christ, I didn’t think this scene could get crazier” but it does.

  • Baxter

    My wife and I had sex watching that crazy scene. Gangbusters!

  • Grog

    Such a hot hot scene.

  • Andy

    Is it weird that… as a girl who was actually raped I have now a thing for rape scenes?

  • Yummyum

    That was so fuvkin hot!!! I think about doing this to most of the girls today with big tits and ass that wanna show it in their pictures but never give it up…. Present yourself as a whore, get treated as such

  • Peter Flynn

    This disturbing scene is just one of many and what I can’t for the life of me understand is why this is seen as cool or awesome or at all sexy. From high school on I’ve been around total douchebag assholes and two from my high school class raped girls from the girls high school and I’d cut the throats of either two if I ever see them again and I was an athlete and they were both jocks too. AND I found out about both with them in my presence. What’s more I didn’t know my reputation was as the classiest guy in my class but that wasn’t hard to be because it was Catholic school shit where top athletes got away with anything and in my neighborhood lived four guys and Mike Jenson, Joey Canadeo, Matt Groessl and I a year older were all as good as the starting basketball team but none of us started in 8th grade and if you did that it didn’t matter how much you sucked you started. And we killed in all sports too. Fun guys to play sports with and smoke weed with. ALL

  • Jahsbhudbnjkeknsk

    Fuck this shit bro
    The real question is who the hell made this movie???!!!

  • ToAllUDickHeads

    You guys r dirty assholes and I hope that ur asses r later on devoured in cum and you’re screaming on the ground and get kicked in the face and back multiple times as ur raped and free onto the ground then I hope that your sex organs r ripped in half and sprawled on the floor with your blood and intestines and with a gaping hole where urbdick used to be dickheads!

  • Sir Krojhey

    The strange thing is that during the filming of the rape scene, the floor wasn’t made of what appears to be cold cement. It was in reality made of rubber so the actors wouldn’t hurt themselves during the extended rape scene. Another odd fact, Vincent Cassel who not only stars in the film but also is a producer of the movie as well. Vincent is married to Monica who was the rape victim. Vincent was not present on set during the filming of the rape scene. The penis was indeed added later via CG. In fact, Monica commented on the computed generated penis saying, ah, it looks more real. Also, when Monica was on the ground being “raped” the director of the film was on the ground filming the scene with her the entire time.

  • baby killer

    so hot, rape and kill women, so fucking hot! fuck the bitch to death!

  • Beta

    How about guys with forced witness type of fantasy’s?
    Do any like imagining that is THEIR own sweetheart getting done like that?? And that they have no power to stop it?? maybe the rapist beats you up first before jumping on your girl??

    Be honest anyone like that?

    Or girls.. maybe the attacker beats up your boyfriend before taking you??

  • Anon

    “Women never genuinely like rape.”

    The women in this comment section who say they enjoy the video aren’t saying they genuinely like rape, because this isn’t genuine rape; this is fictional…

    Various power disparity fantasies are common, including rape fantasies.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking coward! Wished I walked in thru that tunnel while that was happening I would have smashed his skull on the ground and let the women stomp on his balls a numerous times this is from a real man who don’t treat women like that straight up.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine how good it must have felt raping her like that. I envy that guy. I’d take sloppy seconds in a heartbeat.

  • Aaanyway...

    I’m sure that probably all the ‘women’ saying that they like this are actually men claiming to be women. Probably boys, 15 year old virgins.

    Any woman who thought she liked this would be exploiting the very real misery of genuine victims. Women never genuinely like rape. Women who’ve never had to experience it sometimes claim to, to try & be ‘edgy’.

  • Taz

    Just know God will let a dirty nigger like that burn in Hell. A bitch made man like that will die screaming,especially a guy like me run across him. Ooh Ya! Hell is hot M’!&@ F!@&r.. Reap the wural wind As$H@le. Irony they catch the wrong guy!.? Poor bastard

  • Bloodeagle

    This belongs on bestgore

  • Disgusting

    Brutal scene and you sick fucker commenting from your others basement with your dick in your hands are the dregs of society

  • m

    “Cum inside her
    Get her pregnant
    She deserves it”

    Yes of course she deserves it. Because she is a woman correct? Unfortunately this happens in real life. I wonder if your mother, sister or girlfriend got raped like that if you would say “she deserves it”.

  • joanna

    didn’t like it he should of rip her clothes off bite both nipples threw her down on her stomach put one of them balls in her mouth raped hes buthole show the penis going in and out of the buthole then the finish is he spanks her open hand hard and then kick her boobs with his foot he cums in her butthole thee end

  • joanna

    I didn’t like it I never saw his penis go in her butthole that is what people want to see how do I know it was really in her butthole show 9it for real make her scearm

  • disgusted

    This is sick, But whats more sick is the comments that sick fucks leave on this thread. Perverts!

  • onemadman

    Cum inside her
    Get her pregnante
    She deserves it

  • MArcelo

    es una escena muy caliente, fuerte, pero ver como se lo hace por el culo a monica bellucci, y le dice que tiene el ano muy cerrado, es muy muy exitante

  • TronBunnie

    This is with out a doubt the sexiest rape scene ever ! it is the little attentions to detail. Spitting on his hand to lube his dick grabbing her pony-tail like a handle and violently pounding her ass… even the kicks to the face after he ravaged her. So HOT

  • A.

    The tragedy – many people are raped! This is nauseating… Humans are monsters. To the actors: They really are talented, very credible.

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