The Accused gang rape scene

This is probably the most well known rape scene of modern cinema. Drunk Sarah Tobias (played superbly by Jodie Foster) flirts with some guys in a bar and ends up kissing one of them, but things get out of hand when she tries to stop it going any further.

He ignores her and lifts her onto a pinball table, raising her skirt around her waist and pulling down her panties. Then his friends grab her arms while he fucks her roughly, ripping down her top and kissing her breasts. After he’s finished some other men take his place until she finally breaks free and flees the bar, screaming and hysterical.

350 comments to The Accused gang rape scene

  • Anonymous

    One minute, the Whore us grinding and kissing a random dude. Next minute she has big cock inside of her on a pinball table and cums for him even when she didn’t want to !!!!

  • Susandoold

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck yall

  • jack meoff

    should have shown all that cum dripping down the glass of the pinball.

    even better they should have flipped her like a pancake and filled her ass with premium grade cum and watch her fart it out as she gets up.

  • Bigdjean

    You guys joking and making gross comments on that kind of situation, you’re a bunch of spineless bastards, I wish you were banged by some perverts out there – cause these days not only kids, girls and women might be violated and sexually assaulted – and see what do you think of that. Your fucking parents should’ve been sterilised.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah!! So hot that they got the whore to cum for them!!!!!

  • lee

    you are all sick fucks! there is nothing erotic about this scene at all………..
    ur str8 up a sick fuck if u get turned on by it and I hope u come to know pain way worse than this

  • Anonymous

    I want to be a rapist when I grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Did you see the way her legs opened up. What whore. too bad there wasn’t a second time around for those lucky guys.a

  • Anonymous

    wish taht was me

  • Anonymous

    Does she cum?

  • Anonymous

    All of you are fucking sick for liking this. This is why people think all men are rapists, because of sick fucks like you. I hope all of you that get off to this kind of shit are raped in prison, just to see how you like it. Oh, and if you’re a woman and you like this, fucking die. And to the bitch who said this is what women are made for, I can’t wait for the day you’re actually raped. You’ll be fucking sorry.

  • Anonymous

    I love it when the first guy makes that twisted face when he blows his load into her. So hot.

  • Cumslut

    I’m a 21 yr old women and this is so hot! This is what we are made for! To be used and abused by men!

  • Pete

    Awesome scene! That whore got it good!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha. He shoves that cock up her belly right on top of the pinball and unloads in her like a boss

  • onemadman

    Cum inside that fucking whore

  • Anonymous

    What a shame they stopped. She clearly enjoyed the love being made to her so much she needed to run to the bathroom and empty her sweet cu bucket for another round of hot, fat throbbing cock!!!

  • Anonymous

    One thing that I love is how easily her legs spread when he plops her down on the pinball machine. She doesn’t even start resisting until his hand is over her mouth… but, by then, she knows she is going to get fucked, no matter what she does.

    I also love how she’s staring right into his eyes when he unloads in her.

  • Anonymous

    lol! the whore even cummed for them

  • Smokey

    Makes my dick so hard when she cums, despite herself. Like most women, she wants to be forced so she can say it wasnt her fault. That’s why high school is a good training ground for little sluts, the boys just look at them as meat and innoculate the girls from caring too much.

  • Anonymous

    she got FILLED up!!!!

  • Cumdump#653

    I wish someone would push ME onto a pinball machine and fuck my brains out like this, I want a big dick in my pussy

  • Anonymous

    Damn look at the guy’s face as he cums :D She must have been tight as hell for him to blow a load like that on top of a pinball machine!!!

  • Jodiefuckster

    Never make fun of manhood otherwise we wil show you Some one!

  • Peter

    oh yes, the actress had a real orgasm.

  • Beat off

    You people suck. You’re too sick for words.

  • Anonymous

    I think that it’s very hot that they got her to have an orgasm on top of the pinball machine!

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for the chaps who didn’t bust one inside of her. She should have let them finish.

  • Anonymous

    One two three four fuck her pussy tell it’s sore!!! Fuck on bitch. If she had relaxed, she could have had some fun and let the others finish the damn fucken. If I was her, I would not have left

  • Epw3

    Damn they banged her brains out over and over! She wont ever tease guys like that again

  • A.N.S.

    Reading comments I laugh because there are women saying that the people(specifically men) who watch these videos are disgusting and poor excuses for human beings. Please understand that men aren’t the only demographic who watch these videos. Women, like myself, watch them too. We are all into different things, so before passing judgment on some one because they watch porn that happens to be themed about rape and sexual assault, look at the porn you watch, or even the television shows and movies you watch, and think about the common themes in those.

    Long story short, I’m a female, who watches rape porn, forced anal porn, Bdsm videos, and many other things that people wouldn’t appreciate. But I use them to get off. End of story.

  • paul

    I think she had a real orgasm in the film at 1:19 minute

  • onemadman

    Such a good rape.
    She deserves it.
    But this is a movie and the rape is not real.
    She deserves a real brutal rape
    and a lot of cum deep inside her pussy

  • Anonymous

    Think of it this way if people watch rape porn that might be enough for them and they might not rape anyone thus rape porn is good
    Reuploaded this from autocorrect messing it up

  • Anonymous

    Think of it this way if people watch rape powers that mitt be enough for them and they might not rape anyone thus rape porn is good

  • Fuck me

    Make her Felll hot what a fuck so sexy I need a hand job from her an d I wanna duck Monica belluci

  • Goop

    @david- hell yeah she came for him! LOL….her poor boyfriend must have creamed his jeans when he found out that she had a orgasm with a random dude on top of a pinball machine and then he busted his load inside of her ;)

  • david

    she had an orgasm at 1:19

  • Host_lo

    oh come on they were just trying to get the whore to cum!! what a unhappy slut she should have let the last 2 guys finish :D

  • Pol23

    I LOVE the first guy’s face as he blows himself inside her..he has a sexy butt I wish he took his shirt off in the scene….bang that whore’s brains out!!! :D

  • nimbu

    sexy scene… girls are made for this…

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst… To think that someone would find this sexy is horrible. If you like this, you are either messed up or around the age of sixteen, because no sane person would enjoy watching this.

  • Pink slip

    The first guy knows how it works because shes gonna be dry since she clearly doesnt want it so he blew his load in her pussy. Now shes lubed up with baby gravy and ready for his buddys,now thats team work :)

  • Anonymous

    just to clear things up, amen to Kay, NOT to the rape

  • Kay

    Fuck all of you guys that thing rape is just some game I like kinkey sex as much as the next person but too think this is sexy u need aloy of goddamn help Mabey you like rape so much because you all have small shitty dicks and no one wants too fuck you so you love seeing shit like this your all pathetic get some dick enlargement pills and fuck off you poor excuses for human beings

  • Jodiefuckster

    When he put his hands on her mouth she knows she has to surrender. Its to late to stop now. That makes my dick so hard.

  • Hwe90

    Bet Dani tore her up! She couldn’t walk for days hahahahaha

  • Hwe90

    If she just laid back and relaxed, they were trying to make her cum! Just a couple of young horny guys with a hot slut…no big deal

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