The Accused gang rape scene

This is probably the most well known rape scene of modern cinema. Drunk Sarah Tobias (played superbly by Jodie Foster) flirts with some guys in a bar and ends up kissing one of them, but things get out of hand when she tries to stop it going any further.

He ignores her and lifts her onto a pinball table, raising her skirt around her waist and pulling down her panties. Then his friends grab her arms while he fucks her roughly, ripping down her top and kissing her breasts. After he’s finished some other men take his place until she finally breaks free and flees the bar, screaming and hysterical.

358 comments to The Accused gang rape scene

  • Anonymous

    Jodie foster loving every second of it, she begging for it.

  • Anonymous

    He came in her !!

  • Rembrandt

    I love swallowing cum

  • Anonymous

    This is the stuff I’m talking about. Guys pressure girls take things too far or heaven forbid rape them, and then girls are hoes. This probably effected her her whole life. with porn It’s the same thing. Girls always look slutty are the hoes. But Male the dominance is sickening. It all disgusts me. Guys don’t care what a first time is like. A first time for guy and a girl are two different things. A girl values it more because number 1, there’s a pain. And Number two, your breaking something she will never get back. Guys are like “Yeah I got laid!”

  • Anonymous

    To everyone who thinks “Aw yeah, this is so hot” She was being raped, are you fucking crazy? Some people in this world are sick bastards who can get off to anything. And don’t say “Then why did you come here, huh?”. I saw it in Planet Dolans vid about disturbing movie moments. What if you were raped, you fucking psychos?

  • Anonymous

    They fucked her brains out! Love the way Dani twists and grimaces his face as he cums inside of her

  • Jodiefuckster

    When dani came i came. I realy like his cumface.
    Great job by the director to show that in slowmotion.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to see what the reference in family guy was from…. now I’m a sad panda

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