The Accused gang rape scene

This is probably the most well known rape scene of modern cinema. Drunk Sarah Tobias (played superbly by Jodie Foster) flirts with some guys in a bar and ends up kissing one of them, but things get out of hand when she tries to stop it going any further.

He ignores her and lifts her onto a pinball table, raising her skirt around her waist and pulling down her panties. Then his friends grab her arms while he fucks her roughly, ripping down her top and kissing her breasts. After he’s finished some other men take his place until she finally breaks free and flees the bar, screaming and hysterical.

293 comments to The Accused gang rape scene

  • Achmad


  • Chickierock

    i am a woman and I love to watch movie rape scenes to cum

    That being said, women and men should be able to walk around in nothing but a thong and some nipple stickers and not have to worry about whether or not guys are going to rape them. Even if they flirt or kiss guys. If they draw a line, it’s noone’s right to cross it.

    A guy tried to pull that shit with me so I broke his fuckin fingers and ninja kicked his balls into his stomach.

    I’ll do the same for any person out there.

  • Anonymous

    This made me feel sick but I also laughed reading all of your comments, I guarantee none of you get regular sex and feel so bitterly towards women because they reject you. I wish you all brutal anal rape from a well hung man.



  • Came5x

    Came 5 times watching this over and over again!!!?

  • Anonymous

    JED go to church!

  • Jed

    Hey fellas, how would you like it if a bunch of horny redneck guys held you down on the ground and took turns fucking you in the arse? It happens to guys as well.

    Something tells me that you might change your attitude about sexual violence if your own arse was violated.

    Also, guys who pack rape have homosexual tendencies because they get off on watching other guys in action. I notice from some of the comments that you obviously enjoyed watching the men perform.

    Dirty perverted cunts.

  • Jodiefuckster

    They should have locked the door so they al could have cum!

  • Anonymous

    they tore her up

  • swordking

    And who the fuck are u? I think women who wanna run around half naked especially in the summer ..get stalked n assulted they wonder y :/

  • Anonymous

    I love watching that first guy’s face as he finishes inside of hot

  • Courtgeezy

    What about the rape scene in A Time To Kill? That was disturbing

  • cindy

    This turns me on .I love have more then one dick

  • b the rapper

    Do you have facebook anonymoue

  • Anonymous

    I’m female and this scene makes me cum every time, wanna chat? kik me @ cookiemonstaluvsyou

  • Anonymous

    I get off watching this overtime, kick me @ cookiemonstaluvsyou

  • b the rapper

    Anonymous how old are you and do you like being rapped ;)

  • Nook

    “hey, she’s ready to cum? I can’t see, she’s ready to cum?” LOOL..what a hot scene

  • Cumsession

    I’m a woman, and I cum each every time I watch this clip. Love the way he holds her down and sucks her breasts. Best part when he cums inside of her!!!!! Rewind, rewind, rewind!!!!! I love it!

  • Nook

    Do they get her to cum at the end?? wow! What a hot rape scene

  • JBattle

    Have a sense of humor. All the under-educated, dim-witted goons in the background, were damn entertaining with their sexist jeering. “one, two , three, four. Pump that pussy till it’s sore” LOL. fucking classic.

  • Don

    What a rape…awesome…

  • Make Her Moan

    what a whore…if I was her boyfriend I would be pissed…Im sitting at home waiting for her and she is getting fucked hard by 3 guys and has their cum inside her..I would leave her that night!!

  • T45

    Jutrp you’re right! He must have blown at least a quart in her! And if that guy would have tried to throw me off of her before I blasted my biggest load ever..I would have thrown him across the room like a rag doll! oughta see how the females go crazy over me and my tree! :)

  • Jutrp

    T45- That was an EPIC load!! He filled her belly up real good and deep. It’s a pity the other two guys didn’t blow theirs

  • Anonymous

    T45 you are a disgrace to the human race with little to no IQ. It’s called rape you pathetic piece of shit. You clearly lack the skills and have zero appeal to any female on this planet. You have deep seeded issues and no doubt behind your ridiculous attempt of bravado, hate yourself. Get some help & change you sad existence mate.

  • T45

    This is what happens to dumb broads who want to act like sluts in front of a bunch of drunk guys. She got what she asked for. And I know for a fact she NEVER had a load like that blown in her before! WOW!

  • misrapefantasy

    As a extremely sexual and freaking woman I’ve always wanted something similar like that to happen to me.

  • Anonymous

    jutrp you should get togehter with Makeme

  • Jutrp

    I love hearing Dani’s groans and moans as he pumps deeper inside her…makes me drip everytime i watch it

  • Anonymous

    Makeme = idiot

  • Anonymous

    Makeme – Agreed! Dani left a serious load inside her…he looks like he is about pass out from the pleasure LOLOL…she drove him crazy with all that dancing, grinding and kissing

  • Makeme

    Im a women and while Im against violence, she kinda ask for it. I would think it probably felt good and I love it when a guy cums in me but I know that
    after three guys, Im done. Glad she got away

  • Anonymous

    That must be why he had to cover her mouth to stiffle her screams — because she was loving it. Yes, Cat, they are sick. And do not have women I think.

  • A hudson

    Cat56 you are sick

  • Cat56

    ohhh..I bet she felt so good when that guy released inside her!!!! pure pleasure up his balls

  • Jane

    Sick, disgusting, serial killer wannabes.

  • Arain

    True face of west…

  • Mike

    Sex is better when it’s rough.

  • Mike

    She loved it. All women love a strong, domineering man who is in control and knows his shit.

  • Cat56

    If I was this whore’s BF, I would have left her after I found out she had a guy bust his nut inside her after she flirted and danced with him

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