The most explicit rape scene in mainstream cinema

The title of this controversial French movie is translated as ‘Rape Me’, giving you some idea of its gritty, dark tone.

The brutal gang rape occurs near the beginning of the film and sees Rafaella Anderson and her friend kidnapped and driven to an abandoned garage by two guys. They are roughly treated and degraded, forced to endure a humiliating sexual assault which Rafaella takes with admirable resolve, but which her pal cannot handle as she sobs and wails uncontrollably throughout.

The explicitness occurs with a close up shot of one of the rapists’ dicks entering a pussy. Rumor has it that a prosthetic penis was used for filming purposes, but there’s no doubt it’s a real vagina and penetration shots in a mainstream release is extremely rare.

9 comments to The most explicit rape scene in mainstream cinema

  • officer bob

    just imagine you sorry sons of bitches wind up in jail for some (unknown) reason. On the second day there three guys jump you drag you down some closet somewhere and rape you! Anally and orally! That is the EXACT same thing there is no difference between m/f rape and m/m rape! In fact when adjusted for the amount of prison rapes men are more likely to be raped than women!

  • chuck

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  • jack meoff

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  • Anonymous

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  • Kali

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  • Kelly

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